And Wildlife Monitoring

Animal Tracking and Sensor Based Ecological Monitoring

Saving the Bees

A great example of IoT technology is helping beekeepers better combat honeybee colony collapse disorder. this is when honeybee stocks die off at rapid rates. A keeper recently built a beehive scale that sends an alert to his cellphone or computer when a major change in hive weight takes place. The alert helps him know if, say, a hive has tipped over, food has run low, or the bees are having trouble gathering pollen from the surrounding area. Researchers are interested in connected sensor systems that track everything from hive temperature and humidity to the effects of noise and light.

Thwarting Illegal Fishing

Using these technologies can help to monitor fishing practices and to better understand the health of the underwater environment.

Monitoring Dolphin and Bats

A Cornish example of monitoring wildlife is taking place in Mousehole. Here they monitor dolphins and porpoises using audio recordings. Sensors record and then send the saved data back for analysis. This same monitoring is now being deployed when it comes to bats; in specific to determine the effects of wind turbines on numbers.