Ships have for some time been equipped with sensors that collect data. With IoT, that data can be optimised and sent in real time to a captain, their colleagues, other ships in the network or the shipping company’s communication headquarters on land. These sensors monitor everything from a ship’s speed, to the temperature of its cargo, allowing for an optimised shipping ecosystem. Connected sensors and unified platforms can also be designed to provide increased visibility for crews.

  • Route optimization
  • Asset tracking
  • Equipment monitoring


Windturbine Monitoring

Wind Turbine farms are difficult to maintain. There can be anything between 5 and 500 wind turbines on an offshore farm. Collating and communicating data diagnostics from within the head of the turbine has always been a time consuming and expensive process that continues to challenge the industry.

An IoT gateway system can source data from a multitude of sensors within wind turbines and then communicate that data out to field engineers or control centres. The system solution can measure and relay:

  • Energy input/output
  • Wind speed/direction
  • Lubrication pressures
  • Stresses
  • Temperatures
  • Shaft speed and Vibration